Santa Monica Slip and Fall Attorney

Many people are injured each year in Santa Monica Slip and Fall Incidents.  Some people are injured very seriously when they slip and fall on a dangerous floor, uneven stairs, or due to a condition on the ground.   It can be caused by uneven flooring, failure to clean up after a spill or inadequate lighting that obstructs your ability to spot a dangerous condition. Many buildings in Los Angeles and California are old and have not been retrofitted or refurbished to comply with local and state laws. You are entitled to a reasonably safe premises when you are a patron or visitor on another's property.

A lot of times the property owner will have liability in these incidents.   While it is a normal part of living for things to fall on or drip onto the ground, if you have been injured in a Santa Monica Slip and Fall Incident at a home, hotel, bar, club, restaurant or any other property, you may be entitled to compensation. 

Santa Monica Slip and Fall incidents can be caused either when your front foot slips forward, causing you to fall backward or your rear foot slipping backward, causing you to fall forward.  To the contrary, a trip and fall occurs when your foot comes into contact with an obstacle along your path.

The impact of a Santa Monica Slip and Fall can cause severe and lasting injuries.  If you are involved in a Santa Monica Slip and Fall and have been injured, you should contact Freiman Legal immediately at (310) 917-1024 or via the form on the right to evaluate your rights and determine whether you are entitled to compensation.