Los Angeles Limo Accident Attorney

Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills residents and frequent visitors can unleash some scary stories about the reckless, negligent and unskilled limo drivers.  Los Angeles Limo Accident Attorney, Freiman Legal, can assist you with all aspects of your limo accident. These accidents, which cause severe injuries and fatalities occur on a daily basis when individuals take a limo from LAX, a restaurant, or a bar tell harrowing stories about the reckless and unskilled limo drivers they see.

If you were a passenger in a limo collision that involved a limo, or if you were struck by a dangerous limo driver while riding your bike, walking, or driving your vehicle, Freiman Legal's Los Angeles Limo Accident Attorney, Freiman Legal can assist you.  You will receive personal and direct attention from a Los Angeles Limo Accident Attorney that has your best interests in mind.

Los Angeles limo drivers are notorious for running red lights, speeding, illegal lane changes, failure to yield to pedestrians and bicycles.  While they are supposed to receive training, many accidents still occur.

There are different rules in California for limo drivers since they are known as common carriers under the law.  They also must obtain and maintain adequate insurance.  Los Angeles Limo Accident Attorney, Freiman Legal is prepared to deal with all issues that may arise from a Los Angeles, Santa Monica, or Beverly Hills limo accident.  While it is frightening to believe, oftentimes limo drivers will text while driving or use their cell phone while driving their limo.  This is extremely dangerous.  If you have been injured in a limo accident, contact Los Angeles Limo Accident Attorney, Freiman Legal at (310) 917-1004 to assist you with your claims and obtain the most compensation possible.