Los Angeles Truck Accident Attorney

Recently, truck accidents have been a big concern in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and throughout the state of California.  These truck accidents, including big rigs or other large trucks, account for approximately 8% of all car accident fatalities.  A Los Angeles Truck Accident can be even more serious than regular car accidents due to the massive size and weight of these trucks and the fact that many drivers may be fatigued, distracted or otherwise impaired.

Truck drivers are known for driving for an inordinate amount of hours without proper rest.  A Los Angeles Truck Accident commonly occurs when truck drivers fail to realize that their alertness has decreased and if they begin feeling tired.  Truck accidents can also be caused by loose cargo, overloaded trucks, system safety failures, transportation of hazardous material, faulty truck parts, faulty brakes, failure to properly inspect and maintain the trucks, extreme weather conditions, or even the truck driver failing to pay attention.

If you have been a victim of a truck accident anywhere in California, you should first find the proper medical attention.  If you are able, you should take photographs and obtain all available information about the accident and the at-fault truck.  You should then contact Los Angeles Truck Accident attorney, Freiman Legal for a free consultation and case evaluation.