Los Angeles Aviation Attorney

Airplane crashes occur for many reasons such as product flaws, air controller negligence, pilot error, weather, improper maintenance or defective equipment.  Airplanes may consist of commercial jetliners, commuter planes or helicopters.  While many airlines offer significant training and up to date equipment, this equipment can often fail and human error can occur.  Airplanes in the United States sometimes carry hundreds of thousands of passengers a day and it is likely that an accident can occur.  Shifting baggage in the overhead bins can fall unsuspectingly and trip and falls can occur when the carpet is uneven.  

A Los Angeles Aviation Attorney at Freiman Legal will investigate your claims and get you the maximum compensation possible for your injuries.  Regardless of the reason for the accident, it is almost certain that the result will be dangerous or fatal.  A Los Angeles Aviation Attorney at Freiman Legal will provide a free consultation and case evaluation to obtain all information about your case and give you an honest answer about whether you should pursue your claims.  If you are trying to find a Los Angeles Aviation Attorney that will treat you as a person rather than a number, contact Freiman Legal immediately at 310-917-1004.