Medical Treatment Attorney in Los Angeles

A common question we get asked at Freiman Legal is, "When should I obtain Medical Treatment after a car accident?"  You should seek medical treatment immediately after a motor vehicle accident.  If you received emergency medical treatment, you should always follow up and make appointments to see other doctors.  If an emergency room doctor recommends that you treat with an orthopedic surgeon or chiropractor after a motor vehicle accident, you should see those providers.

You should follow your doctor's orders after you see them.  During your medical treatment, you should inform each provider of all of your injuries and symptoms.  It is difficult for a medical provider to properly assess your condition without an accurate idea of how all of your injuries affect you and exactly what injuries you have.

You should never manufacture, lie or embellish pain that is not there or has already gone away.  Not only can it be illegal, but the opposing attorney, insurance company, and most importantly, jury will know if you are lying.  If you do not have the money to pay for medical treatment, you may be able to pay for medical treatment on a medical lien.

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