Los Angeles Bus Accident Attorney

At Freiman Legal, we assist clients with obtaining compensation for all injuries caused by at the hands of another.  This includes Los Angeles Bus Accidents. Unfortunately, many individuals are injured each year in Los Angeles Bus Accidents.  These consist of school busses, city busses, tour busses and recreational busses.  Los Angeles Bus Accidents are extremely serious and if you are injured in a Los Angeles Bus Accident, you should contact the personal injury attorneys at Freiman Legal immediately.

If you depend on buses, subways, rails and other forms of mass transit to get you to work, school or elsewhere throughout California, you reasonably assume that you will safely get to where you’re going.  Unfortunately, Los Angeles Bus Accidents happen far too often, and innocent victims, like you, can be hurt as a result.  After an injury in such Los Angeles Bus Accidents, paying for the necessary medical treatment can be expensive and can seriously impact you and your family. Busses owe a higher duty to individuals than regular individuals since they are considered a common carrier.

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