Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Attorney

Our Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Attorney that handles matters relating to Bicycle Accidents.  In Santa Monica as well as other areas around Los Angeles, there are many bicycle paths and open roads and consequently, many bicycle accidents occur on a daily basis.  While cyclists have the freedom of the open road, they also have the dangerous task of maneuvering around cars and trucks.  Further, many cyclists forget to use reflective clothing and drivers are unable to see them as well as they should.  Severe consequences occur when a bicycle rider sustains any impact with a vehicle.

Common to low speed bicycle crashes are head, neck and back trauma. With high speed bicycle collisions, a compound fracture, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and death could often result .  If you are a cyclist or even just a recreational bicycle rider who has been involved in a bike crash, contact a Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Attorney at Freiman Legal as soon as possible at (310) 917-1004.

There is no better time than now to get the best advice available to secure your future medical care and income from a Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Attorney that understands the issues you face. Contact Freiman Legal for a free consultation and case evaluation.