Los Angeles Medical Lien Attorney

Many individuals have trouble paying for medical bills after a motor vehicle accident.  A medical lien in the personal injury context is a way for a medical provider to secure payment for services without charging you for anything upfront.  This medical lien in Los Angeles can be extremely important when you have no medical insurance, medical payments coverage, other health insurance, or cannot otherwise lay out large sums of money for proper medical care after a car accident.

The way the medical lien works is that you will go to a medical provider and receive treatment.  Either before your medical treatment, or shortly thereafter, the medical provider will present you with a lien to secure payment from your settlement or jury verdict.

However, if you fail to settle the case or do not prevail at trial, if you are a resident of Los Angeles or of the surrounding area and had a medical lien with any medical provider, you will still be personally responsible for paying back the medical provider.  This is why it is important to contact Freiman Legal immediately after you are involved in a motor vehicle accident and also before you attempt to receive treatment on a medical lien.  Contact Freiman Legal at (310) 917-1004 or via the form on the right for a free consultation and case evaluation.