Sexual Harassment Attorney in Hollywood

Harassment in the workplace is not only limited to sexual harassment.  One of the key components of a workplace harassment claim is demonstrating that the employee was forced to endure a hostile work environment.  You may be eligible to pursue a hostile work environment claim if you are an employee who is frequently made to feel humiliated, vulnerable or threatened based upon a protected class.

Hostile Work Environment attorneys, Freiman Legal, provide experienced, aggressive and dedicated legal advocacy to individuals who are subjected to workplace harassment on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, language, national origin or in retaliation for reporting illegal behavior. 

If your supervisors or managers have created or tolerated a hostile work environment in your workplace, you may have an employment harassment claim against your employer.  There are various hostile work environment claims, but common claims include bullying through isolation, criticism and social exclusion based on your ethnicity or national origin, disparaging remarks about an accent, religion or culture, the showing of derogatory images and statements aimed at a specific ethnic group or ethnicity. Hostile Work Environment Attorney, Lawrence W. Freiman, Esq. will evaluate your claim and provide you with thorough and honest answers.

No one deserves a hostile work environment, but a workplace that is nonthreatening and is conducive to the goals of the company or the organization. If you are experiencing a hostile work environment, contact hostile work Environment Attorneys, Freiman Legal, at (310) 917-1004 or via the form on the right for a free consultation and case evaluation.

If you work in the entertainment industry and have been subjected to certain behavior by your employer or co-employees, you may be a victim of sexual harassment in Hollywood.

With its creative atmosphere and its philosophy of “anything goes” as long as the work is done well, and the knowledge that most employees are afraid to enforce their rights, the entertainment industry has generally refused to deal with the victims of sexual harassment in Hollywood.

Generally speaking, sexual harassment in Hollywood consists of any sexual advance that is unwelcome as well as any conduct in the course of employment that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment.  This can include, but is not limited to, physical conduct such as hugging, touching, fondling,  kissing, asking you to view pornography, as well as verbal conduct such as comments about sexual behavior; sexual jokes; or any sexist statements about you.

Both men and women can be victims of sexual harassment in Hollywood.

You are protected against sexual harassment in Hollywood by both Federal and State Law.  If you have been found to be a victim of sexual harassment in Hollywood, you may be entitled to compensation for any economic damage due to the sexual harassment; compensation for emotional damages such as emotional distress; and punitive damages to punish your employer for outrageous conduct.

If you feel that you are a victim of sexual harassment in Hollywood, you should immediately contact Freiman Legal at (310) 917-1004.