Housing Discrimination based on Source of Income

Freiman Legal can help California residents fight their Housing Discrimination based on Source of Income case.

While looking for a nice place to live, many resident and stand in front of discrimination by various landlords who are not willing to proceed in rental agreements to "voucher holders," and those who have other various forms of income that is outside of receiving it from a 9-5 job. Since this has been occurring, the State of California has built laws which prohibited housing discrimination based on source of income. Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Housing owners and other types of federally assisted housing are prohibited from discriminating against voucher holders. According to Project Sentinel: Landlords, property managers, real estate brokers, home sellers, mortgage companies, and banks may not refuse to deal with you or treat you differently because your income includes sources other than wages. It is also illegal to have a preference for one occupation over another.

Furthermore, Project Sentinel goes on to state that if a housing provider does the following, he or she may be engaging in source of income discrimination:

  • Refuses to rent to an applicant who has non-wage income
  • Prefers one type of income over another, such as preferring applicants who earn employment income versus those who receive Social Security payments
  • States a preference for professionals or tech company employees
  • Only rents to applicants who have a job
  • Requires multiple years of steady employment
  • Denies an applicant because a representative payee is responsible for paying rent
  • Demands a higher deposit because an applicant has non-wage income
  • Refuses to rent to a tenant who plans to operate a licensed home day care

If you are a California resident living in West Covina, Camarillo, Valencia, Stockton, San Diego or Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, Freiman Legal can help with your Housing Discrimination based on Source of Income case.