Housing Discrimination Based on Sex

Freiman Legal can help California residents fight their discrimination case based on their sex.

If you are living in the Los Angeles, San Francisco or San Diego areas, and as a prospective or current tenant, are denied an opportunity to rent or buy a home because of your sex, you are a then considered a victim of illegal housing discrimination. In this case, you should contact Freiman Legal immediately. Furthermore, it is also illegal for landlords to treat current, in-place residents differently, because of their sex.

In 1974, the Fair Housing Act was amended to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex. The law protects men as well as women from housing discrimination. Please keep in mind that the majority of sex discrimination claims involve policies and/or practices that limit women’s housing choices.

Examples of Housing Sex Discrimination

  • Delay or denial of home loans to women who are pregnant or on maternity leave.
  • Rental criteria, which would be considered employment, credit, income - that have mostly have a tendency to favor female applicants less than males.
  • Increasing rent or threatening eviction because of child birth or for even adding a child to the household.
  • Strict curfews that are applied, or applied more strictly, to women or to men.
  • Taking adverse/negative actions against survivors of domestic violence because of the actions of their respective abusers.
  • Advertising that signals and indicates a preference for men or women. It may also be legal to advertise for roommates/housemates of the same sex when roommates/housemates share common living areas.
  • Sexual harassment by the landlord or landlord’s employees.

If you are a California resident living in Santa Monica, Riverside, Canoga Park, Calabasas, or Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, Freiman Legal can help with your housing discrimination case based on your sex.