Housing Discrimination Based on Gender Identity or Expression.

Freiman Legal can help California residents fight their discrimination case based on their gender identity or expression.

For decades, California state law has explicitly prohibited housing discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression.

According to Housing.org, "Gender identity and expression encompass both the gender with which someone personally identifies, as well as the way an individual chooses to express their gender. California law defines “gender expression” as a person’s “gender-related appearance and behavior, whether or not stereotypically associated with the person’s assigned sex at birth.” The law seeks to protect those who identify as transgender or genderqueer, as well as those who may identify as cisgender, but present themselves in ways that do not comport with traditional gender and sex stereotypes."

It goes on to state that..."In some cases, gender identity and gender expression discrimination may be linked with discrimination based on sexual orientation. They may also be closely linked to disability discrimination, which also protects individuals who are perceived to have disabilities. For example, a housing provider would be engaging in disability discrimination if he refuses to rent to a transgender person because he wrongly believes that it is a mental illness."

If you are a California resident living in Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, San Francisco, San Diego or Glendale and the surrounding areas, Freiman Legal can help with your housing discrimination case based on your gender identity or gender expression.